I came across Sadhguru quite by accident when I was making a search.  I was so impressed by him, that I bought one of his books.  There is more truth (from my view of things) in this man and his teachings than I have had with any church I’ve belonged to in a long while. It all makes sense. I actually listened to a free webinar one night.



But one of the hardest ideas to instill in myself, because I’ve never done it in my whole life, is the idea of just “being” . Perhaps I haven’t grasped it’s full meaning or maybe it’s too difficult, but when I get a whiff of it in my struggles to incorporate it in my everyday living, it is a very peaceful and enriching  feeling.  But being an achiever (in my own small way) I always have this sense that I have to “do” things.  Getting up in the morning without a plan seems like a waste of a day.  But am I any happier with my planing?  No because at the end of the day, if all didn’t get accomplished, I feel like in some way I’ve failed.  This is not realistic of course, but those feeling are well embedded in my psyche and a very hard pattern to break…but break I am trying to do! It takes a very conscious effort, but living consciously is my goal.

I’ll let you be the judge of whether this is a worthwhile road to travel.  For me it is.

To simply live here goal-less is what a spiritual process is about.

Generally in the world, everyone thinks of fulfilling their dreams. Whatever your dream may be, it is an exaggerated extension of your past. You cannot dream of something you do not know. Essentially, you fixed the destination based on what you know. When you fix the destination from what you already know, you have ensured that nothing new will ever happen. A dream like this is not a possibility, it is a certain hopelessness. You are seeking the past in the future. You are actually shooting back but you think you are moving forward.

To simply live here goal-less is what a spiritual process is about. That does not mean being lethargic and lax. A spiritual process means to live in intense involvement with what is there right now but with no goal. If you have the courage to sit here in such a way – “Wherever the hell it goes tomorrow is fine with me, but right now I will do my best in whatever I am doing,” you will naturally be spiritual.

Read the rest of Looking Forward To Tomorrow at Sadhguru’s website. You may be enlightened as I was. In the future I’m sure I’ll feel impressed to add more his thoughts.


I just recently watched an interview on TV of Pennsylvania United Methodist pastor  and his defrocking after officiating in his son’s gay wedding. Schaefer has led a congregation in the town of Lebanon for more than a decade. Earlier this year, a church member filed a complaint over Schaefer performing the 2007 wedding of his gay son in Massachusetts, where same-sex unions are legal.  A church jury suspended him for 30 days last month and told him to decide whether he would uphold the church’s Book of Discipline or resign.  He resigned, according to the interview. Religion should give you [keep going ♥ ...]

WOW:  Women of the Wall

As Women of the Wall, our central mission is to achieve the social and legal recognition of our right, as women, to wear prayer shawls, pray, and read from the Torah collectively and out loud at the Western Wall.

 Daniel Schmidt- Inner Worlds Outer Worlds

“Meditation is not a so much a technique to master as it is a re-orientation of the heart; a selfless act of love and surrender into the mystery and stillness at the core of our being”.

White Girl in Harlem
Dec 072013
Sustainable Energy

Cartoon of sustainable energy with a lot of truth!

Richard Feynman-Views on God

Something to think about…

Eugene Patterson and the CHORD

His last creation was CHORD. The Oldest Testament Condensed. Read the Bible as a book, shorter by a half million words. The Main Chord, not the Whole Hymn.


Claiming to be a prophet of God through whom revelations were to be made, he set up a religio-political organization of unique character.


This morning, I went down to our workshop to cut some boards for some customers.  That’s what I do in my home  business.  My husband had put two mouse traps there and while I was working away,  I happen to glance down and there was a poor mouse caught in the trap, with it’s little eyes looking up in a surprised expression of death. Tears came to my eyes and I had a hard time to keep from having an all out cry.  I hate that part of me.  I hate the fact that I feel too damn much.  That’s [keep going ♥ ...]

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