I’ve recently read this article that has made me think…

Atheism is not a religion… and just because you want to make us equal to you and your beliefs does not mean we are. All of us are critical thinking people who use rational decision to guide our lives. We take control of what we do and responsibility. We do not thank or blame anyone. Instead we look to what is real. This is in stark contrast to a dogma that demands blind ignorant faith, without questioning. It is nothing like believing someone is in your head listening to your every thought, and living life in eternal fear of punishment from a sick maniacal Deity hell bent on revenge for every thought and emotion you feel that he disallows. Instead we are in charge, and we control ourselves. Read more… from Atheism and Me blog.

Am I becoming an Atheist? That’s a BIG question, considering all my 60 years of life have been spent (supposedly) in the bosom of God!
I’ve recently been asking myself what “purpose” does religion have in my life? What has it given me and what has it given the world? The world seems to think or has been taught to think that every good thought comes from God and every bad thought comes from Satan. That has always confused me because who decides what is a “good” thought and what is a “bad” one. It’s basically a bunch of men (no women) who through the centuries have come up with…stuff. So many wars have been started with the name of God on their lips and the real belief that God was on their side. Opposing sides believing that God was righteously on their side. So basically these people all say that God, in some way shape or form, has told them to start the war.

That’s why I’ve always had a hard time with the Old Testament. Surely, (I’ve asked myself over and over) God would not ask men to kill a whole race? Or have one race believe they are superior to the others? Or give one religion a higher place in the afterlife? I’ve told my Bishop in so many words that I refuse to believe in a God that is vengeful like that. So where does that leave me? Religiously speaking…

I have a friend who has left a Church (she was excommunicated) only to go to another religion. I asked her the reasons for this. Her answer, “I want to have a place to be buried”. I see her point of view I guess and respect it. She told me that when upon joining the other church she informed them that she had no belief in their doctrine, but simply wanted to come to church every Sunday and have a communion with a group of like minded Christian people. I suppose that those two reason are good enough reasons to go to church. It’s not for me. It’s been suggested that I should just take out of it what I can and just leave the rest. I’m sure that the majority of people finding themselves in the pews on Sundays probably do this.

Historically speaking, all churches have things to be ashamed of and most of us don’t want to think about those things. But I do. I would never have gone out with a guy with such a shady past, but yet I went out all those years, put a lot of energy into a relationship, with a religion (Catholic) that was fraudulent and debauched and still is in my view. Unfortunately, the Mormon religion, had it’s problems such as being unethical (polygamy) and prejudiced (blacks) and no signs of remorse for their past.

Maybe it’s time to break up??  But that does not  make me an Atheist.  More study needed!

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