Apr 252011

Recently I had gone to Utah to visit my children (Amie & Bess) and grandchildren and while visiting, my daughter Bess and husband Micah took the time to take me to the Carl Bloch art display at  BYU . I know it was difficult for them, as we took their four young children with us, but this antique kid enjoyed it so very much.  I really appreciated their effort.

Gethsemane - Carl Bloch

As in most things in life, we can only appreciate  the things that other people do, only to the measure that one has tried them ourselves.  In other words, one has to walk in their shoes.  Although that is never possible, as no one ever goes down the same path,  it gives us more empathy and understanding.  That afternoon, I was grateful that I called myself an artist.

Here is how someone described his art: He dipped his paint brush in his heart.

The only way to describe it is magnificent.  I would have loved to been able to study them more…study his brush strokes, his angles, shading, lighting etc but all the rooms were full and we were conscious of the children. It was sufficient time to be in awe of the time it must have taken to do the works. It was sufficient time to be grasp the indescribable beauty of it all.

I would never want to copy him, as our styles are very different, but he inspired me ito better my own paintings.  He is now revered worldwide…and to think his work had been forgotten.

I was very grateful to have the time to share some thoughts together about his work with Harriett, my 9 year old granddaughter. That was very special to me.

Do have a look at his Official Website.

How he describes his work: God helps me and then I am calm.

I don’t know how other people feel when they paint, as it’s not something I’ve discussed with anyone. But I have been asked that question several times and the way I always answer it is: When I do portraits, it’s a spiritual experience. It is soul to soul.

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  1. This is Harriett. I really enjoyed looking at the paintings with you. I want to become a better artist. I miss you a lot. Thank you for saying I’m special.

    - Harriett :)

  2. I’m so glad you were able to go and have that wonderful experience. You posted my favorite of all of them here on your blog. I also enjoyed his non-religious artwork, especially the ones of his wife and parents. You could feel how much he loved them.

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