A Banksy painting.

On first glimpse of this Banksy painting, I was insulted and a bit dismayed at the irreverence shown, but on closer scrutiny, I’ve changed my mind.   I believe that Banksy was trying to make the point that  Christ  and Christmas (candy cane in the painting)  is not about shopping and that is what we have done–minimized the importance of the celebration to something absolutely useless, in the grand scheme of things.

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  One Response to “Crucified Jesus and Shopping Bags”

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  1. I guess the first word that came to my mind was “disturbing”. Now why was that the first word to pop into my head. I think there are many reasons. First noticeable reason is the sacred sacrifice god made for us so we can live on earth and be forgiven, and the shopping bags with thing inside gives it a feeling of uncleanliness and loses the feelings of the main reason for his sacrifice to all good and bad people of this world. I”m not going to go into any more reasons but I can see a sort of positive side of this painting. As we all know in art; sometimes when we really look into a picture we can see a different side once we get passed the shock of “disgust” as I previously saw when I first glanced. Maybe the bags are representing the troubles and the goods things we deal with on earth. For example: I believe I saw a bottle of wine. Some of us deal with drinking too much of it and that causes trouble. On the other hand, I see a teddy bear and a candy. Maybe those are small gifts we receive when we are blessed in small ways. To finish off this assumption of mine, maybe the halo represents his angelical personality.

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