John of God

John of God

John of God is one of the most famous faith healers in the world.  Born João Teixeira de Faria, John of God claims that he channels more than thirty doctor entities to heal the sick using the power of God.

João is not a licensed doctor. Born in 1942, he is said to have been so rebellious he was thrown out of school after the second grade and could not keep a job.


Then, at 16, the story goes, the “entity” of King Solomon entered his body, and performed a miraculous healing. For years, João wandered Brazil offering healings. Twenty-seven years ago, he took residence in his casa in the plateaus and became known as “John of God.”

Today, more than 30 doctors and notables can enter his body, João says. They’re the ones that do the healing.

(Heather Cumming, a shamanic practitioner and  guide for those visiting the Casa, explains different entities that work through João, based on energetic as well as physical changes in him. Taken from Spirit of Maat)

St. Ignatius de Loyola (1491-1556) is the guiding entity of the Casa and, like João de Deus, he suffered a great deal of persecution in his lifetime. When St. Ignatius comes through, João’s eyes turn blue and become huge, he has more hair, and — apparently because St. Ignatius has a big consciousness and a big energy — João’s body seems to become bigger.

Besides St. Ignatius de Loyola, João de Deus incorporates more than 35 different Beings of Light. Certain entities stay for a while, then leave, and others come in. These entities were formerly physicians, surgeons, saints, and notable figures on Earth.

Some entities reveal their identities. Others do not. There are new entities and some that  no longer work through João on a regular basis.

In addition to St. Ignatius, other regulars include Dr. Augusto de Almeida, who is said to have been a military doctor and a rubber tapper in previous incarnations, and Dr. Oswaldo Cruz (1872-1917), who was credited in his lifetime with eradicating the yellow fever epidemic in Brazil.

Paraplegics are often healed through João by Dr. Jose Valdivino, and tooth extractions are frequently done by Francis Xavier

The “incorporating” happens in an instant, without warning. As João prepares to operate, his body suddenly jerks. He is said to take on the personality and even the eye color of the entity who inhabits him.

Visible and Invisible Surgeries

John of God’s patients typically stay  for two weeks, but they can stay for as long as they want. They can stay for an afternoon or morning and leave if they want to. Some people even arrive via bus on day trips.

Everyone is told not to stop taking their medications or treatments such as chemotherapy. After seeing John of God, there are some strict rules: for 40 days, no sex, alcohol, pork or pepper, which are all said to weaken the body’s aura, or energy field.

Some surgeries are “invisible.” The entities are said to have such supernatural powers, they can heal without breaking the skin. Others are “visible” — and only certain patients are considered eligible. They must volunteer, be 18 to 52 years old, and cannot be in wheelchairs, or have recently had radiation or chemotherapy.

If you are skeptical, Wayne Dyer isn’t.  WAYNE W. DYER, PH.D., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He’s the author of over 30 books, has created many audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.

Listen to his  Wayne Dyer’s interview  about his experience of being healed of leukemia by John of God while being thousands of miles away.

If you want to see more about short videos on John of God  on Oprah, go here.

My opinion?  You can’t deny what he has done or what has happened through him.   I think the power of mind that humans possess can’t be explained.

But obviously only Spanish entities can enter a Spanish body or so it seems… darn it, there are “cliques”  even in the afterlife.


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