Recently someone called asking my thoughts about a particular subject.  He was trying to figure out whether a certain person/business was an honest one.  We discussed the ins and outs of it.  I suggested a few things to ask himself and ask the person…and then I threw in the line “what does your gut say” and  “how do you feel about it?”

His response was startling to me and in a sense sad.  This is how he answered, “I run my life with logic, and not how I feel about things.”  “My feelings have been wrong too many times for me to rely on them.”

Somehow he has become doubtful, suspicious and unbelieving of the process of listening to his heart.

As a person who has always relied on a combination of the two for all of my choices in life, I find the world of  only logic to be a cold one.  Listening to my heart gives me a soft place to go to when hard choices have to be made.

There are many times in my life, as I look back, that if I had used only logic, I see I would have missed out on a lot.

Logic would not have allowed me to find my husband (I had to say goodbye to a perfectly “more logical” boyfriend) or have 5 children.  Especially our last two (a medical reversal was necessary and besides there were too many kids in the world)
Logic would have ruled out taking care of my aging parents in our home (logically speaking…too much work, no money, no space) and especially my father who had dementia.
We wouldn’t have taken a niece and nephew at different times for two year stints (raising teenagers when I’m still in my 20′s!!  What was I thinking?
We wouldn’t have bought a farm (no money in that), I wouldn’t have learned to paint portraits at age 45 (too old, portraits are the hardest thing to paint) and for that matter started a business at age 55 (what’s the point I could die soon).

These are things where you listen to your heart, jump right and accept the road where it leads…no room for doubt or second guessing.

To me, this person is hiding behind the wall of logic as a protection because he doesn’t want to be hurt by some wrong choices (it’s debatable if there is such a thing as wrong choices) of the heart…but those lessons just may be necessary for him to learn.

My mantra since a teenager was “love is the beginning of knowledge”.

If we learn to love and accept even the faulty decisions in life, we will derive great lessons from them.  It is when we fight against and reject the path that our decisions lead us to that we find the world like a battle ground.  Yes…it was wrong choice  (not a mistake) What did I learn? Let’s move on.
It seems with only logic to guide, the world is very subdued and narrow, but with listening to the heart too, all of a sudden, the sun is shinning with endless possibilities!

See what Steve Jobs, creator of Apple computers, says about this.  View & listen with your heart♥

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