First Communion

First Communion

Basically I am just a curious person and want to learn and discuss.

I’ve spent my first 27 years as a “Catholic”.

I never gave much thought as to what it meant to me personally to be a Catholic or a Christian either during those years.

I don’t have any terrible recollections of my times spent in church, but I must say that we didn’t go all the time living most times without a car.

I never knew any nuns, as there were none (no pun intended) in Stanley, NB. where I grew up. But I do remember a really good looking Irish priest (more on him another time) called Father O’Reilly.

What does Catholicism mean to me today? I’m not sure what it meant to me then. Good questions…one of which I plan to explore.

I’ve spent another 27 years (later part of my life) as a “Mormon”.
Most of my memories are very good of this religion. In fact, it felt like being at home, since it’s doctrines hits so close to my heart.

So why am I not still there? Have I lost my faith? Somehow I don’t think so. My heart says that I’ve just lost my faith in “religion”. I don’t think they are synonymous.

That’s another question that I plan to pursue.

In the latest years of my life, this poem really explains how I feel…
My church has but one temple,
Wide as the world is wide,You can have this for you wall too...come visit!
Set with a million stars,
Where a million hearts abide.

My church has no creed to bar
A single brother man
But says, “Come thou and worship”
to every one who can.

My church has no roof nor walls,
Nor floors save the beautiful sod–
For fear, I would seem to limit
The love of the illimitable God.
—Author Unknown. signed E.O.G

With that having been said, religion continues to fascinate me. With the blog I want to explore all the nooks and crannies of not only these two religions, but the history of all human beliefs, their doctrines, strange doings, spiritual connections and importantly to me, the role that women have played in them.

I’ve had to disengage myself of its powerful influence, so that I could see the whole picture. I was an “idealist”, and that I’ve discovered is not a good thing.

I want to form an educated view and have a place for others to form theirs too. Lets just say…a human, perhaps humorous, more subdued and definitely a female view.

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  1. Hi Fran, my brother Keith is not on fb or twitter. Is there a way he can follow you as he desires to read your site. We had a real good talk this past weekend and he brought you into the conversation again and wants to see your views. Love Brenda

  2. Hi Francine,

    Thanks again for your interest in my The Reason Why We Suffer blog post. I am glad that you are going to have a think about what I wrote in that post, as I really believe that what I have said could be true.

    I am encouraged and fascinated by your own spiritual quest. It’s inspiring to see you searching for the truth, and your history as a Catholic and as a Mormon sounds very interesting.

    Hopefully we’ll stay in touch!

    Best wishes,


    • Thanks for stopping by Steven. I hope we do stay in touch. I find it interesting that you say: I really believe that what I have said “could” be true. That is the enigma about religion isn’t it…

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